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Try Factal at ASIS Europe 2022

A photo of Prague Castle looking across the river. The photo is taken in the early evening with a deep, dark blue sky and light cloud cover. Most of the buildings have lights on. The castle is lit from the ground.

Factal will be exhibiting at ASIS Europe 2022, May 22-24 in Prague. CEO Charlie Tillinghast and sales manager Brian Gass can show you a better way to protect your business, people and assets with verified, lightning-fast news. You can see Factal for yourself with immediate access to the Factal phone app.

Charlie and Brian have an account set up with locations in Prague and across Europe. Find them on day one and get an invite, and you’ll be set up in minutes. Factal editors verify and geolocate breaking news from our 24/7 newsrooms. When events are geolocated near assets (or your phone), you can get the notifications you need to keep your team safe and your business running.

ASIS Europe 2022 in Prague is Europe’s largest gathering of corporate security leaders. Our team looks forward to connecting with current Factal members and making new connections in the security and resilience sector.

Facts save lives. A free no-strings trial will show you why operators and analysts for companies across the Fortune 500 rely on our journalists to verify the news so that they can focus on how to respond, not worry about acting on bad intel.

Charlie and Brian will demonstrate True Impact and talk about how our editors rapidly verify news in an active misinformation zone like Ukraine. We combine machine learning and people to alert you to the news that matters to your business and you, so

This year’s ASIS Europe theme is “From Risk to Resilience”. Brian and Charlie are passionate about keeping people safe. Just like you, we’re looking forward to hearing from Tomáš Sedláček on the War Economy and the special opening session on Ukraine.

Understanding how Factal can help resilience and security professionals minimize risk is part of what we do. Come find us on the exhibition floor, in seminars or experiencing Prague. Then, take the Factal app with you for the trip back!

Lead photo: Prague Castle at Night by Viktor Mogilat.

What is Factal?

Trusted by many of the world’s largest companies and nearly 300 humanitarian NGOs, Factal is a risk intelligence and collaboration platform that brings clarity to an increasingly noisy and uncertain world.

Powered by a hybrid of advanced AI and experienced journalists, Factal detects early signals, verifies critical details and assesses the potential impact at the speed of social media. From physical incidents and brand mentions to geopolitical developments, Factal offers the most trusted, real-time risk intelligence on the market.

Factal is also home to the largest security and safety collaboration network in the private sector. Members securely share information with other members in proximity to the same incident, both on and the Factal app.

Learn more at, and we’d love to hear from you.