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Global security, crisis and risk intelligence events

Select business security and risk intelligence conferences and seminars.

These industry events and conferences for 2024 are published weekly in Benchmarker, the newsletter for global security, crisis response and business resiliency leaders. Subscribe for free.

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Global Security Briefing
May 23, 11am ET
Join Factal and Emergent Risk International for our free Briefing, with a special time for our Europe and Africa-based viewers. Presentations will include the death of Iranian President Raisi, the assassination attempt on Slovakian PM Fico, an update on New Caledonia and more. The Briefing is available as a podcast.

Gender Based Violence in Mexican Politics
May 28, 11am ET
The elections on June 2, 2024 will have a profound impact on the daily lives of the people of Mexico. In light of this, the Mexico Institute is hosting a series of webinars to provide nonpartisan expert insights and analysis to voters and concrete recommendations to incoming Mexican leaders.

Security & Intelligence: A Non-Profit Approach
May 30, 1pm ET
In this webinar security leaders at non-profit organizations and not-for-profit institutions will provide insights into their security and intelligence programs. Panelists will discuss how to build resilient security programs, how they utilize intelligence to assess global risk exposures, and how they leverage internal teams and external networks.

Infinite Blue Discover 2024
June 2-4, Phoenix
The Infinite Blue user community unites in a single space to share insights and learn collectively about BC in the Cloud, Cenari and best practices for resilience.

7th Annual Global Intelligence Forum
June 11-13, McLean, Virginia
The Forum will provide high-value sessions to tackle fundamental questions about how intelligence professionals – from those starting their careers to more seasoned senior managers – can play a more impactful role in the success of their organizations.
Factal is an AIRIP sponsor and will attend.

15th Annual National Sports Safety and Security Conference & Exhibition
July 9-11, Phoenix
This conference focuses on the convergence of sports and security, hosting experts in hosting events as large as World Cups spanning a continent and as small as minor league sports in small towns.

Crisis Management & Business Resiliency
July 15-19, Cambridge, Massachusetts
Preparing for a crisis is not a luxury; it is a necessity. The COVID-19 pandemic has proven this. You know the odds are high that your company will suffer, or has experienced, a disaster or crisis. You cannot say you weren’t ready

Esri User Conference
July 15-19, Sam Diego
Explore the Map Gallery, chat with Esri technical experts, and learn about the latest products and solutions in the Expo and Esri Showcase. Make connections and apply new insights to your own projects.

What is Factal?

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