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Global security, crisis and risk intelligence events

Select business security and risk intelligence conferences and seminars for 2023.

These industry events and conferences for 2023 are published weekly in Benchmarker, the newsletter for global security, crisis response and business resiliency leaders. Subscribe for free.

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Climate-Informed Security, Emergency Management & Business Continuity
Starts October 4
Climate change poses a multi-level threat to the global community, and business operations at home and abroad. It is vital for an organization’s leaders and planners to understand how both the direct and indirect impacts of climate change will affect the workforce and community. Security, emergency management, and business continuity plans will require recalibration to meet the operational and behavioral challenges of a warming planet.

Global Security Briefing
October 12, 3pm ET
Factal journalists and Emergent Risk International analysts will discuss what keeps them up at night. The GSB is also available as a podcast.

“Hybrid” Resilience Summit 2023
October 16 (London & virtual)
The Resilience Association hosts this day-long seminar about “Meeting the challenges of a changing world: how to change to survive and thrive.”

Swatting and Hoax Considerations and Response
October 24, 3pm ET
In this roundtable discussion, you will hear from a school-based team that has recently dealt with a swatting incident. You will learn how they addressed the threat at the moment, ensured the community was informed, and improved their existing operations plans.

BCI World Hybrid 2023
November 1-2 (London)
Building and maintaining resilience are top priorities for organizations worldwide, but resilience is an ongoing process that involves everyone within a business. Resilience capability is a collective approach to working and the more it is developed and maintained, the more it helps organizations to thrive in the face of adversity.
Factal will attend.

Innovation Summit for Preparedness and Resilience
November 16-17 (Charlotte, North Carolina)
A one-of-a-kind opportunity for you to share your experiences from recent incidents and to brainstorm innovative solutions to real challenges facing public safety agencies nationwide.

Close Protection Conference
December 6-8 (Dallas, Texas)
The CP Conference & EP Training is hosted by the International Protective Security Board (IPSB), the only non-profit EP-centric board with the mission of elevating protection professionals’ standards, opportunities, and industry insights, which is committed to delivering a unique educational and networking experience for seasoned service providers, new and aspiring EP professionals, and for representatives of all industry sectors.

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