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Global security, crisis and risk intelligence events

Select business security and risk intelligence conferences and seminars for 2022.

These industry events and conferences for 2023 are published weekly in Benchmarker, the newsletter for global security, crisis response and business resiliency leaders. Subscribe for free.

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Bellingcat In-Person Workshop in Amsterdam
March 20 to 24 (Amsterdam)
The course’s content over the first three days will include: Introduction to open source investigation; creative search fundamentals; how to conduct (nearly) traceless and anonymous/pseudonymous research.

ASIS Europe 2023
March 21-23 (Rotterdam)
ASIS Europe will offer multiple tracks of valuable learning opportunities as well as networking and connection sessions – onsite and online. The program will feature two main themes: The Evolving Risk Landscape; and Security as Part of the Business.

The Need for Clarity and Transparency to Moderate Online Terrorist Content
March 23, 12p ET
A new Tech Against Terrorism report examining the varying international approaches to designation: the system by which the authorities within a jurisdiction can classify either a group or an individual as ‘terrorist’.

Tear down these walls: How corporate silos undermine resilience
March 28, 1p ET
In this virtual fireside chat, Infinite Blue CEO Frank Shultz will talk with Jason Veiock, a former federal agent and leader at one of the nation’s most recognizable hosting companies, about why corporate America needs to break down silos and take a more holistic approach to resilience.

Crisis Capacity: Developing an Organization’s Ability to Respond Well to Crises
March 30, 9a ET
During the COVID-19 pandemic governments, non-governmental organizations, and certainly businesses have learned that without building ‘crisis capacity’ their organizations suffer. This presentation focuses on an evidence-based discussion of building crisis capacity from a stakeholder relationship management perspective.

Does ChatGPT Have a Role to Play in Private Sector Intelligence Tradecraft?
March 30, 1p ET
As intelligence professionals focus on gathering, analyzing, and extracting nuance from information sources in the intelligence production cycle, will generative intelligence play a role in private sector intelligence tradecraft? How can these tools be leveraged to support in any way private sector intelligence production? What lessons can be drawn upon for tradecraft from past technology breakthroughs like the advent of the internet?

Global Security Briefing
March 131, 3pm ET
In the March 31 Global Security Briefing Factal journalists and Emergent Risk International analysts will look at the events that impact your organization’s supply, safety and plans. The last GSB is always available as a podcast.

Resilient Renewable Planet Conference and Exhibition
April 17-19, (London)
Join a panel of leaders and experts in the governmental, infrastructure, and academic sectors. We will explore key resilience measures needed to ensure new, green development projects will withstand the growing scale of disasters the world is seeing

21st Annual Continuity Insights Management Conference
April 24-26 (Minneapolis)
As business continuity professionals, this conference is that timely and important opportunity to share best practices, lessons learned, and effective strategies employed to ensure organizational resilience.

Identify and Address MDM (Mis- Dis- and Mal-information) Threats to Critical Infrastructure, While Protecting Free Speech Rights
May 2 (Washington, D.C.)
Mis- dis- and mal-information (MDM) continue to destructively permeate through society, but does it pose a significant threat to our Nation’s Critical Infrastructure? The threat can be difficult to identify as it is be spread deliberately and accidentally, from both foreign and domestic actors. The challenge in mitigating this threat is heightened as we must respect our Constitutionally protected right to free speech.

InfiniteBlue: Discover 2023
May 7-9 (Atlanta)
Discover brings together our BC in the Cloud (BCIC) and Cenari user community in one space to share ideas and learn from each other with one common goal in mind, keeping your organization resilient.

Western Regional Joint Threat Assessment Training 2023
May 31-June 1 (Bozeman, Montana)
This event will bring together the best speakers and teachers that the threat assessment discipline has to offer and promises amazing networking opportunities.

Executive Security Operations Conference
June 7-9 (Kansas City, Missouri)
ESOC is a conference designed to address a wide range of critical topics impacting individuals who provide high-level personal protection services.

Security LeadHER
June 12-13, (Nashville, Tennessee)
Security LeadHER will connect you with impactful keynotes, lively networking, small group breakouts and many opportunities to help you develop your security leadership skills and grow your tribe! Simply put, this is the event for Security LeadHERs – present and future!

Close Protection Conference
December 6-8 (Dallas, Texas)
The CP Conference & EP Training is hosted by the International Protective Security Board (IPSB), the only non-profit EP-centric board with the mission of elevating protection professionals’ standards, opportunities, and industry insights, which is committed to delivering a unique educational and networking experience for seasoned service providers, new and aspiring EP professionals, and for representatives of all industry sectors.

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