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Introducing ‘Mentions’ for brand and threat monitoring

Graphical representation of Mentions without any words except for the Factal logo and the word Mentions.

We’re excited to announce a new feature that surfaces whenever your brands, products or senior executives are mentioned in news coverage or social media. Simply enough, it’s called Mentions.

Our approach to Mentions is different than traditional brand monitoring tools. With our roots in global security and incident detection, Mentions is tuned for crisis and risk, not sentiment and popularity. And best of all, it’s already integrated into the same Factal platform our members know and trust.

While Factal has always surfaced incidents in proximity to your company, Mentions surfaces news stories and unverified incidents that are about your company. Taken together, Factal provides the most holistic view of risk intelligence spanning physical security, brand reputation, geopolitics, cybersecurity and executive protection.

Detecting brand backlash from the fray

Over the last several months, brand reputation crises have become more acute. Companies suddenly find themselves in the middle of a political storm that quickly spills over into physical threats.

Security and resilience teams have told us they want to be more involved in monitoring for emerging reputation events. The faster a company can identify a backlash, the more quickly security teams can prepare for any downstream ripple effects – rather than playing catch-up to a full-blown crisis. While plenty of other tools identify shifts in consumer sentiment, Mentions is designed to pick up early signs of a reputation crisis.

Minimizing noise with generative AI

Mentions leverages the same AI event-detection technology we built at Factal to identify global incidents across 100 languages – but now in context of specific mentions of your company.

Then we added a generative AI model to emphasize the most relevant posts and filter out the noise, downplaying jokes, opinions, movie references and other irrelevant information. Our focus on noise reduction and productivity empowers teams to get more done with limited resources.

Cybersecurity and emerging AI risk

Mentions stops short of a full-blown cybersecurity tool, but it provides a bird’s eye view of the latest cybersecurity incidents, vulnerabilities and outages associated with your brands or partners. We’re also building detection around impersonation, fake content and other AI-driven threats, which promise to play a bigger role in the months to come.

Twitter without rate limits

Twitter instituted rate limits in July, and many companies discovered their ability to monitor Twitter directly had been restricted. Through Factal’s longtime enterprise partnership, Mentions users have unlimited Twitter access (including our other sources). Meanwhile, we continue to add additional data sources and explore emerging social platforms.

Easy to set up and share

While some other platforms put the onus on their customers to do all the set up, our plug-and-play search packs and renowned member success team make it easy to get started. It’s also easy to loop in other team members with Factal’s unlimited access for resilience organizations.

If you’re interested in taking Mentions for a spin, please contact us at or fill out the form below: