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Five NGOs fighting the coronavirus in different ways

A Somalian midwife looks directly at the camera.

For disaster relief organizations, COVID-19 is a disaster of epic proportions. For humanitarian aid NGOs, the pandemic is disrupting field operations and multiplying needs in conflict zones, border crossings and refugee camps.

Most of the largest global NGOs are part of the Factal community. Here are a few examples of the extraordinary work they’re doing – and how you can help them in their fight on this #GivingTuesday, and beyond.

Team Rubicon

The disaster response NGO has mobilized its large base of veteran “Greyshirt” volunteers to provide critical services to vulnerable neighbors across the US.

Their first medical mission in the U.S. set up a mobile testing site in Charlotte, N.C., back in early April. Donate here.

Save the Children

The non-profit has volunteers on the ground in many of the world’s most threatening environments providing medical supplies and COVID-19 preparedness training.

“Millions of children living in vulnerable communities in countries all around the world will suffer from the far reaching economic and social impacts of the measures needed to contain the pandemic,” explain Save the Children’s Luke Harman and Yolande Wright. Donate here.


Back in March, Internews launched a “Rapid Response Fund” for small, local news organizations. Their announcement notes:

This will help to ensure information is provided where it is most needed: in some of the world’s hardest to reach communities, where healthcare and sanitation services are already under huge strain.

Internews on the launch of their Rapid Response Fund

Within a month, the first round of funding had been awarded. Recipients span the globe, from South Sudan to Albania to Peru. Donations are still being accepted for a second round. Donate here.

Direct Relief

Direct Relief was last featured on the Factal blog when they were distributing N95 masks to Australia during bushfire season. Now, the humanitarian nonprofit is doing the same in providing PPE (personal protective equipment) for medical professionals. As of April 21st, Direct Relief had made 1,311 deliveries of PPE to 1,205 institutions as part of their coronavirus response.

Direct Relief also produced a short documentary following two nurses and a doctor at the Saban Community Clinic in Los Angeles, seen below. Donate here.

Mercy Corps

Mercy Corps has experience fighting epidemics. The global nonprofit helped reach more than half of Liberian citizens – 2.4 million people – in curbing the Ebola outbreak of 2014-15.

Their COVID-19 Resilience Fund is focused on providing emergency supplies, food and clean water to countries where they’re most needed. Donate here.

Factal’s verified news updates are available to eligible NGOs at no cost. Know an NGO that would benefit from the platform? Send them to this page to contact us. Top photo via Save The Children.