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Factal launches 24/7 global coverage with core Breaking News team

SpaceX Iridium-5 rocket launch, as the launch tower falls away and the rocket fuel burns brilliantly from ground to tail. The Factal logo is superimposed at upper right.

The wait is over! After more than a year of testing with some the largest corporations in the world, Factal has launched around-the-clock coverage.

With more than half of Factal’s team coming from Breaking News, Factal restores the lightning-fast, verified coverage that was trusted by thousands of global organizations. So in many ways, Breaking News is finally back — but even better than before.

Thanks to feedback from our beta testers, we’ve invested in new technology that enables companies to respond faster to incidents — like active shootings, fires and floods — that pose an immediate risk to their people and business operations. New features include precise geolocation and mapping, proximity alerting, customized updates, a mobile app and a live chat that connects everyone together with our editors.

We heard again and again that companies want to know what’s actually happening — and how it impacts them — rather than just get a torrent of tweets from a social tool. Powered by journalists and technology working in tandem, Factal determines the facts faster than any other service — and any news organization — alerting companies to incidents that pose the greatest immediate risk to their employees, offices, stores, supply lines and other assets. This accelerates response times and reduces the burden on analyst teams struggling to filter out social media noise and misinformation.

But don’t take my word for it. Now that Factal is running 24/7, you can see it in action. If you’re on a corporate security, travel safety, emergency management or crisis communications team, please contact Ryan Ockuly at to gain trial access.

For those individuals who don’t qualify for access, we haven’t forgotten about you — we have a lot more in the product pipeline. We’ve also launched Factal Forecast, a free newsletter that gives you a jump on global news planned for the week ahead. Sign up right here.