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Factal launch team in place for 24/7 debut

The original Factal newsroom. An office with five people at desks of various heights looking at computer screens. At front is Jillian Stampher, head of the US newsroom, looking at three screens and facing away from the camera.

It’s been 21 months since the closure of Breaking News, and Factal is poised to launch 24/7 with a freshly-hired team.

With newsrooms in Seattle and London, our editorial launch team includes Rebecca Bratek, Thomas Brew, Sarah Burke, Nick Parker, Jillian Stampher, Lucy Swinnen, Joe Veyera and David Wyllie. They come to Factal from NBC News, BBC News and CBS News, to name a few.

Ryan Ockuly heads up sales at Factal. Most recently, he worked as the director of national sales at Alertus Technologies, an emergency notification company.

Carson Baker joins Factal’s technology team, working on the mobile app. Like many at Factal, Carson once worked for Breaking News.

Our editors are currently providing live news coverage 12+ hours each day and are gearing up for our full 24/7 launch later this month. If you’re a corporate security or emergency management team that would like to join Factal’s ongoing trial, please email

Factal was created by the founders of Breaking News. Through a combination of technology and experienced journalists, we accelerate companies’ response times to global incidents that pose an immediate risk to their people or business operations.

If you’d like to learn more, please visit our home page or email us at

(Photo of some of Factal’s Seattle news team.)