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How Factal helps companies and NGOs rise above the noise with the Israel-Hamas conflict

On the barometer of global events, the Israel-Hamas war is not only a seismic development, but it has sparked an unprecedented tsunami of noise and misinformation. For organizations in harm’s way, the challenge is not just finding information, but making sense of what’s happening quickly enough to do something about it.

That’s our specialty at Factal. We empower security, risk and resilience teams to make the right decisions in real time without the pressures of sifting through noise and second-guessing what’s real. Here’s how Factal has helped our members navigate the Israel-Hamas conflict:

  • Factal editors have published several thousand verified, geolocated updates on the conflict so far – not just major developments, but granular geolocated details. (The map above shows a week of Factal updates.) With powerful AI tools like True Impact, Factal members are able to see precisely what poses a risk to their organizations without sacrificing speed or missing a critical update. With plug-and-play integrations with partners like ESRI, Vismo and EVERYWHERE Comms, organizations have put Factal to work where they need it.
  • Global companies have relied on Factal’s coverage to evacuate personnel, reroute travel, assess geopolitical risk and gauge the impact on supply chains. With more than 250 NGOs in the platform with free access, aid workers have counted on Factal to help avoid danger, identify the highest-need locations and route humanitarian aid to those who need it most.
  • Our new AI-powered Mentions feature has enabled members to detect emerging threats, targeted disinformation and brand backlash from social media that may have been sparked by the conflict.
  • The Factal iOS and Android app has become a staple in the field with members on the ground in Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, Egypt, Syria and Iraq. An enterprise-strength breaking news app, members can see what’s happening near their location, track the conflict minute-by-minute and connect with Factal editors and other members in a secure chat. The app’s usage has quadrupled since the attack.
  • Factal members and editors have posted more than one thousand messages in Factal’s chat during the conflict so far. In a secure Incident Chat dedicated to the Israel-Hamas war, members have asked our editors questions, shared social media reports and passed alone online sources in real time.
  • From Twitter lists to live briefings from editors, Factal’s member-only resources give our members an edge in navigating the conflict and making sense of the changing risk landscape. Our free Benchmarker newsletter keeps readers plugged into changes in the security, continuity and resilience space. And together with our partner Emergent Risk International, the free Global Security Briefing has become a must-attend live event.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Factal can help take pressure off your team, please drop us a note or meet up with our team at OSAC’s Annual Briefing on November 15-16.