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Experience the future of risk intelligence at Factal’s booth at GSX Atlanta 2022

We hope to see many of you in Atlanta for this year’s GSX conference, Sept. 12-14 at the Georgia World Congress Center. The Factal team will be at booth 3660.

We’re showing demos of two groundbreaking products that bring the power of machine learning to risk intelligence:

  • First Sight projects near-future disruption in the world’s largest metro areas by assessing social pressure.
  • True Impact estimates the geospatial risk on the ground in the moments after an incident occurs.

You can also learn how Factal’s trusted verification drives productivity by automating time-consuming tasks, and see why the industry is talking about Factal’s innovative chat service.

If you’re interested in booking a personal demo at GSX, please find an available time here. You can also contact us at We’re looking forward to it!

What is Factal?

Factal is verified, geolocated risk intelligence and crisis collaboration that helps resilience and security professionals protect people and operations.

Free for over 240 NGOs, Factal is an enterprise service that increases the size of security, risk and resilience teams by about three people. We enable your team to focus on strategic planning and to take the actions that save lives and protect assets.

Try Factal for free or talk with our sales team ( for a demo.