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A practical guide for generative AI in risk intelligence

There’s no shortage of AI guides and courses on the internet, but risk intelligence is a different animal. The stakes are much higher, and accuracy and impartiality are crucial. Mistakes can jeopardize employee safety, lead to regulatory issues and create financial risk.

This free, 33-page guide is designed to help risk intelligence professionals learn secure, thoughtful ways to put generative AI to work as an assistant. You’ll learn:

  • How risk intelligence teams use generative AI today
  • Best practices for finding models, protecting your data and reducing hallucination
  • Which use cases work well with AI – and which ones don’t
  • Ideas for reporting, researching, analysis, planning, forecasting and more
  • Practical examples of prompts that get the most from AI
  • A look ahead at what to expect with AI risk in the near future

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About the author: The guide is written by Cory Bergman, co-founder of the risk intelligence company Factal and co-host of the Global Security Briefing. Trusted by many of the world’s largest companies and nearly 300 humanitarian NGOs, Factal helps security and crisis teams protect people, avoid disruptions and expedite disaster relief. You can contact him at or connect on Linkedin.