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Case study: How a small security team at a big airline streamlined its intelligence

It’s hard enough to keep up with the average day’s security events around the world, but the addition of the COVID-19 outbreak brought new challenges and anxiety to a small security team at a major US airline.

“Like many organizations, we operate with a smaller workgroup of security and intelligence professionals that must find a balance between handling a significant workload and monitoring global security events,” the airline explained.

Full case study (.pdf)

Prior to joining Factal, the airline drank from the social media firehose using “unvetted data-mining platforms.” It was a cumbersome process to collect, sort and assess the information – then evaluate whether it was credible before escalating the event.

After considering hiring additional analysts to fill the gap, the security team decided to join Factal’s breaking news platform. Together with social media event detection, Factal provides trusted real-time verification, pinpoint proximity analysis, deep customization and a 24/7 secure chat with Factal’s experienced news editors.

After quickly implementing Factal, the airline’s security team eliminated as many as nine process steps (see full case study), boosting productivity and freeing the team to tackle other tasks.

“Our organization’s current process has been greatly simplified,” the airline explained. “Our decision to utilize Factal has truly tipped the scales to a more security-driven and proactive approach to global security events.”

Read the case study in full.

What is Factal?

Factal is verified, geolocated risk intelligence and crisis collaboration that helps resilience and security professionals protect people and operations.

Free for over 240 NGOs, Factal is an enterprise service that increases the size of security, risk and resilience teams by about three people. We enable your team to focus on strategic planning and to take the actions that save lives and protect assets.

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