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How Salesforce’s GO Center sends safety alerts at the speed of the internet

A photo of the Salesforce tower sticking out above the clouds. The logos for Factal and Sales Force are in the lower third of the image. There is a quote "Factal’s editors give our team increased confidence in the validity of the information we send to leadership.” – Ellen McFadden, GSOC Program Manager at Salesforce

If you’re one of Salesforce’s 70,000-plus employees, someone’s looking out for your safety. In offices in San Francisco and Dublin, the Global Operations Center (GO Center) operates 24/7/365. The GO Center forms the first line of detection, recognition and response to all incidents that potentially impact employees, assets and brand.

Salesforce notifies its employees when there’s a major incident in their vicinity, like a severe weather event. Factal improves both the speed and accuracy of these critical alerts. GO Center leaders spoke to Security Executive Council subject matter experts about the benefits of adding Factal’s risk intelligence for a Solution Innovation Case Study.

Here are some of the highlights:

Verification changed the GO Center’s workflow

Before adding Factal, the GO Center deployed multiple employees on each shift to sift through and validate reports before escalating them. Now the Go Center team trusts Factal to detect and verify developments in the 40+ countries where Salesforce operates, saving time and resources. By combining advanced AI and proximity analysis with experienced editors, Factal quickly surfaces precisely what matters. Editors are also available in a live chat when operators need more details or information.

Ellen McFadden is smiling in a round portrait of her head and face.

“Factal makes it possible to meet and exceed our SLAs. At this point, we consider Factal business critical. It is as important as our phone system… Factal’s editors give our team increased confidence in the validity of the information we send to leadership.”

– Ellen McFadden, GSOC Program Manager at Salesforce

Team members got real-time risk intelligence where they needed it with Factal’s unlimited licensing

While many software providers charge by the seat, Factal contracts provide unlimited user accounts for security use. With an easy-to-use interface, GO Center teammates get the notifications they need with customized alerts. A travel security pro could use the phone app to get alerted to news near specific assets, while an operator covering a region might customize email alerts for particular countries. In an internal Go Center poll that compared four different tools, Factal was named the favorite by a large margin.

Factal’s productivity benefits enabled the GO Center to expand

The GO Center’s expanded their support to include intelligence teams and crisis management in addition to protecting and informing employees. “Without Factal, we wouldn’t be as large as we are now,” notes Dustin Tabangcura, GO Center Shift Lead at Salesforce. “It’d be a giant struggle to figure out how incidents are affecting different regions we care about. Using Factal has really allowed our team to expand.”

To read the entire innovation case study, visit the Security Executive Council’s vendor innovation page, or click below:

Top image: edited photo by Robbie on Unsplash

What is Factal?

Trusted by many of the world’s largest companies and nearly 300 humanitarian NGOs, Factal is a risk intelligence and collaboration platform that brings clarity to an increasingly noisy and uncertain world.

Powered by a hybrid of advanced AI and experienced journalists, Factal detects early signals, verifies critical details and assesses the potential impact at the speed of social media. From physical incidents and brand mentions to geopolitical developments, Factal offers the most trusted, real-time risk intelligence on the market.

Factal is also home to the largest security and safety collaboration network in the private sector. Members securely share information with other members in proximity to the same incident, both on and the Factal app.

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