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Factal partners with GISF to keep more humanitarian aid workers safe

Several camping tents surround an aid tent at sunrise. There is a person looking at the camp

Humanitarian organizations work in the world’s most dangerous places, and hundreds of aid workers are attacked, kidnapped or killed every year. At the same time, most NGOs operate on a tight security budget. That’s why Factal provides free, unlimited access to humanitarian and human rights NGOs since our launch nearly five years ago.

Today we’re excited to announce a partnership with GISF (Global Interagency Security Forum), an independent, member-led organization dedicated to keeping aid workers safe. GISF is a network of over 140 member organizations focused on improving the security of aid workers while doing what they do best: saving lives.

Both GISF and Factal share a mutual purpose to protect people in the field. As part of our partnership, full GISF members are pre-qualified and fast-tracked to gain access to our full suite of services. NGOs rely on Factal’s verified risk intelligence and real-time alerts to pinpoint potential hazards and accelerate disaster response.

We also share a growing challenge: the increasing sophistication of mis- and disinformation. Not only does it make it more difficult to assess what’s happening on the ground, but it can also put aid workers in danger.

“At GISF our members rely on trust and reliable resources. Access to timely information can inform key decisions and safer operations,” said Tara Arthur, GISF Sr. Projects and Membership Officer. “Factal gives our members access to real time verified alerts and an opportunity to engage directly with the editors on duty as real time events unfold. We’re excited to bring Factal’s real-time risk intelligence platform to GISF members.”

At last count, Factal supports more than 230 NGOs around the world, spanning hundreds of thousands of staff and volunteers in high-risk countries. Every month the Factal app is opened in more than 100 countries, from Yemen to Syria, Ukraine to South Sudan.

If you’re a humanitarian, disaster relief or human rights NGO, you can apply for free Factal access. To learn more about joining or supporting GISF, visit here.