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Learn how Factal saves resilience organizations time during crises at BCI World Hybrid 2022

Aerial photo of London Tower Bridge in the early evening.

When a business impacting incident happens, resilience teams are ready to spring into action. But they can only move to continue operations when they know what to respond to. The faster you know, the faster you act. Factal’s verified, geolocated risk intelligence arrives at the speed of now – that’s why it’s rapidly becoming the risk intelligence source for continuity leaders. We would love to demonstrate why at BCI World Hybrid 2022.

Set aside 15 minutes with our Head of Sales Ryan Ockuly and Director of Sales Mike Hilton to learn how Factal’s editors and machine learning work to surface the incidents that matter to your team. You can also catch Factal in the virtual programme, if you aren’t in London.

“Factal makes it easy to know about verified threats, disruptions and risks in real-time, giving you the edge to be more proactive and avert or minimize loss of life and disruption to your business,” Ryan explains why continuity and resilience teams are choosing Factal.

Maybe your previous encounters with Factal are through the Global Security Briefing or our presence at risk intelligence events. That’s how we have learned security and resilience are becoming more strongly connected as the COVID-19 pandemic showed C-suite leaders that a secure company is a resilient company.

“There is a convergence of security risk and business resiliency happening right now,” Ockuly observes. “With Factal it’s all about discovering real-time disruption and looking around the corner for near term threats without having to dedicate staff to watching the news and social media 24×7.”

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And that’s why you’ll be able to meet the sales team at BCI in London. Factal was founded on a public service mission to protect people from imminent harm and help those in immediate need. Corporations that need our service should have it available to them.

As an added benefit for Factal, our sales team and London editors will be able to meet during the trip to BCI. Current Factal members will be able to reconnect with Ryan and Mike face-to-face too.

“I’m really looking forward to attending the BCI event in London in early November to meet with some of our current customers across Europe who will be attending,” Mike Hilton says. “As well as the opportunity to continue to connect with new contacts and expand our global footprint.”

Tyler Adams, head of member success, is going to lead the virtual demos (virtual-only attendance has a free option). He and our service team are already interacting with resilience professionals within Factal’s member organizations.

“My member success team has seen more and more continuity pros use Factal to sustain vital operations,” Tyler says. “I’m excited to help facilitate some great discussions, and I love how accessible this “hybrid” version of BCI World will be. The interest in this event is a testament to what a priority resilience has become.”

Whether you are a continuity professional attending BCI in London or a resilience pro taking part in the 24 hours of resilience online, Factal would enjoy meeting you. We are confident our service will save you time, keeping you one step ahead of disruptions, helping you can potentially save lives and money.

Top photo: Tower Bridge of London photo by Nicole Rathmayr

What is Factal?

Trusted by many of the world’s largest companies and nearly 300 humanitarian NGOs, Factal is a risk intelligence and collaboration platform that brings clarity to an increasingly noisy and uncertain world.

Powered by a hybrid of advanced AI and experienced journalists, Factal detects early signals, verifies critical details and assesses the potential impact at the speed of social media. From physical incidents and brand mentions to geopolitical developments, Factal offers the most trusted, real-time risk intelligence on the market.

Factal is also home to the largest security and safety collaboration network in the private sector. Members securely share information with other members in proximity to the same incident, both on and the Factal app.

Learn more at, and we’d love to hear from you.