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Come meet Factal this September at DRJ Fall ‘22, GSX Atlanta or the 5th annual AIRIP Forum

A photo of the Georgia World Congress Center

After a couple years of virtual conferences the resilience, security and intelligence communities are gathering in reality again. Factal is excited to be present at several events this fall. The next three where you can find us are DRJ Fall ‘22, GSX Atlanta and the 5th annual AIRIP global intelligence forum. My goodness, that’s a packed week for security and resilience professionals. Factal’s made great connections at these events before and we’re excited to see you again.

At each of these conferences you can;

These are challenging times for businesses. A viral outbreak in Shanghai can raise prices in Newark. A heat wave in England can cancel flights, changing your travel plans. As Factal verifies and geolocates incidents your team saves time, acting faster on the news.

Resilience leaders are using Factal to start their contingency plans earlier. Security professionals pop into Factal chat to talk about what they are seeing. As private intelligence services continue to grow, they depend on awareness tools that are as concerned with truth as they are with speed. That’s why industry leaders choose Factal. 

At every conference we’ll demo our service, including offering a free invite to our app (iOS and Android for members and trialists) – it just takes 15 minutes. We can even get you going on a full, free trial.

If you already have Factal, still stop by. We have people from our member success team ready to help you one-on-one with how to best use Factal for your needs.

DRJ Fall ‘22 – The Evolution of Resilience

Director of Sales Michael Hilton is excited to see familiar faces down in Phoenix.

“I’m really looking forward to getting to DRJ in Phoenix to reconnect with the people I have built relationships with over the last couple of decades. Virtual trade shows, while serving their purpose, just can’t compare to shaking the hand of an old friend you haven’t seen in a while.”

Schedule 15 minutes with Mike to discuss how adding Factal to your resilience and continuity system can help save you time, or talk to member success manager Carolyn Kahler if you already have Factal and want to set it up to better utilize our new features. Both are in person at booth 208 of DRJ Fall ’22.

GSX – Your constant in a changing world

After trips to Esri UC, CSO 360 Congress and ASIS-Prague, CEO Charlie Tillinghast is excited to share what’s changed since we went to GSX back in 2018, when it was our first conference.

“Factal first exhibited at GSX in 2018, two months before we launched our service. We met some of our future members then and built on that success at GSX 2019 in Chicago. Today, Factal is a vastly larger organization with many new product features. We welcome our old friends to come see what’s new, members to stop by, and curious attendees to discover how Factal delivers fast, accurate and geolocated updates on critical incidents globally.”

Schedule 15 minutes with Charlie, Cory, Ryan or Brian to discuss how adding Factal to your security and awareness tools can help save you time and money, or talk to member success manager Rea-Lynne Starbird if you already have Factal and want to set it up to better utilize our new features. All are in person at booth 3660 of GSX ‘22 in Atlanta.

5th Annual AIRIP Global Intelligence Forum

Renewals and Member Success Manager Carolyn Kahler hopes to meet some of the Factal members who she’s only seen on video calls while she’s in Chicago.

“I’m thrilled to be attending in-person events again. I’m looking forward to AIRIP’s Global Intelligence Forum, where I will get a chance to meet some of our Factal members for the first time, and connect again with others that I know.”

Schedule 15 minutes with Cory or Mike to discuss how adding Factal to your intelligence and awareness tools can help save you money and lives, or talk to Carolyn if you already have Factal and want to better utilize our new features. All are in person at AIRIP.

Keep track of all events and conferences which Factal is hosting or attending on our industry events page.

Top photo: The Georgia World Congress Center, where GSX ’22 is being held. USDA Photo by Lance Cheung.

What is Factal?

Factal is verified, geolocated risk intelligence and crisis collaboration that helps resilience and security professionals protect people and operations.

Free for over 240 NGOs, Factal is an enterprise service that increases the size of security, risk and resilience teams by about three people. We enable your team to focus on strategic planning and to take the actions that save lives and protect assets.

Try Factal for free or talk with our sales team ( for a demo.