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Ryan Ockuly joins Factal as head of sales

Most recently the director of sales at Alertus Technologies, Ryan Ockuly has joined Factal as our head of sales — and our first sales hire.

Ryan is no stranger to building a successful sales team at a startup. He worked nearly nine years at Alertus Technologies, an emergency notification company, joining as the company’s first full-time sales executive and establishing trusted relationships with Fortune 1000, education, healthcare and government clients. As the company and his sales team grew, Ryan focused more effort into product development, helping translate clients’ needs into life-saving technology products.

“I enjoy bringing innovative products and solutions to the market for security and emergency management professionals,” he says. “It’s not very often a startup team like Factal comes along, and I knew I wanted to be a part of it.”

With the launch team in place, Factal is gearing up to debut 24/7 coverage by the end of the month.

If you’d like to join a no cost trial — or just say hello — get in touch with Ryan at