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Factal data debuts in ArcGIS platform

Screenshot of Factal data in the ArcGIS platform, including text of editor-verified real time news updates at left, updates plotted on a US map at center, and the number of updates at each severity level from 1 to 5 shown at right.

This week Esri has released a solution from the ArcGIS Solutions for Business team that has enabled Factal’s breaking news data feed in the ArcGIS platform. The Multi Source Data Feeds solution expands our partnership with Esri by enabling organizations around the world, particularly in the corporate security space, to make actionable, data-driven decisions.

If you’re interested in learning more, please reach out to Ryan Ockuly at

Factal is founded on a public service mission to protect people from harm. We combine advanced technology with experienced journalists to provide verified, geolocated breaking news coverage faster and more accurately than any other service.

Factal is a member of Esri’s prestigious startup program for innovative geolocation companies.