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Tag: Ukraine

Forecast: French streets set alight in pension reform unrest, Trump faces possible indictment, and Kyiv shortens curfew hours

On a street in Kyiv two people walk their dog in front of a pale blue building

An indispensable geopolitical planning resource, the Factal Forecast newsletter and podcast give you a jump on the news that will be making headlines around the world in the week ahead – and why it will matter.
Forecast is written and produced by Factal’s global newsroom. They’re tracking the shortening of curfews in Kyiv, France’s continuing protests over pension reform and more.

Forecast podcast: New earthquakes rattle Turkey and Syria as death toll nears 50,000

Aerial photo of a neighborhood in Turkey with about 80% of the buildings collapsed. Only two buildings standing appear to have little damage.

In this week’s Factal Forecast we’ve got the anniversary of Russia’s full invasion of Ukraine, a general election in Nigeria, a US Supreme Court hearing on Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan, California ending its coronavirus state of emergency and a look at the earthquakes in the Turkey-Syria border region that have left thousands dead and millions displaced.