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Tag: Syria

Forecast podcast: New earthquakes rattle Turkey and Syria as death toll nears 50,000

Aerial photo of a neighborhood in Turkey with about 80% of the buildings collapsed. Only two buildings standing appear to have little damage.

In this week’s Factal Forecast we’ve got the anniversary of Russia’s full invasion of Ukraine, a general election in Nigeria, a US Supreme Court hearing on Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan, California ending its coronavirus state of emergency and a look at the earthquakes in the Turkey-Syria border region that have left thousands dead and millions displaced. 

Forecast: Turkey-Syria earthquake death toll soars, Texas judge decides abortion medication case, and Colombian government negotiates with rebel group

A rigid hull inflatable boat carries a dozen sailors who are pulling the wreckage of a balloon out of the water

An indispensable geopolitical planning resource, the Factal Forecast newsletter and podcast give you a jump on the news that will be making headlines around the world in the week ahead – and why it will matter.
Forecast is written and produced by Factal’s global newsroom and they’re tracking the earthquakes in Turkey, wildfires in Chile, the Colombian government-ELN negotiations and more.